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With over 50 years experience in supplying the Marine Industry, we cover every aspect of the Marine World with equipment for ships, offshore development, Navies, as well as fishing and ports.

We pride ourselves with being able to answer any enquiry positively. We have supplied anything from steering gear to navigational aids. Although we can provide almost any piece of marine related equipment, we do specialise in Mooring Systems. We invariably have stocks of chain, shackles, swivel anchors and buoys both new and second hand. We manufacture from ¾” (20mm) up to 4” (100mm) chain, in all types of stud link etc. If by chance we are currently out of stock of a size or type we will act fast to provide you with the best possible delivery.

We also manufacture Scallop Dredges and parts including Hardened Teeth for Tooth Bars



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